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House On Fire

The goal of U.S. Security Systems is to customize systems to your needs. By reviewing your protection concerns, our trained professionals can determine what systems will work best for your business or family.

Our superior product line is matched by the sophistication of our support network. U.S. Security Systems is based on our professional service and reputation for quality installation. When we complete the job, we have done our best to provide a safer environment for your company or home.

SECURITY SYSTEMS - U.S. Security Systems can customize a security system that meets your needs. By reviewing your protection concerns, we can determine what system will work best for your business or home. We can provide you with wired or wireless products and create a system that is easy to expand or upgrade.

FIRE PROTECTION - Fire alarm systems help save lives and protect your business or home. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies to stringent fire codes. Our supervised smoke detectors give you additional protection because when smoke is detected, a signal is sent immediately to the central station who can summon the fire department.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE - In this age of heightened awareness of security, video surveillance systems offer an extra pair of eyes in helping you protect your business or home. Video Surveillance provides the comfort that comes when viewing someone who is knocking at your front door, or is stealing from your place of business or residence. With the use of a DVR, you can record and watch past and present events from either on or off your premises with internet access.

ACCESS CONTROL - With access control you may maintain tighter control over your facility by knowing who enters. Additionally, access control allows you to specify who can enter specific areas, such as storage rooms, systems areas, or inventory quarters. Your employees will also feel safer knowing that they are protected from uninvited guests. A safer employee is a more productive worker.

TOTAL CONNECT SERVICES - In today’s digital era, it’s vital for you to stay connected to your home or business. Total Connect services is a digital communications service – a unique new offering that lets you utilize the Internet, PDAs, cell phones, cameras and more to stay connected to your home and business.

Whether at home, in the office or on the road, you can control your security systems via PCs, compatible PDAs, web-enabled cell phones and more to stay connected. The virtual keypad is an online version of an actual keypad – making it easy for users to control their security system and initiate real-time changes.

Basic services include Short Message Service (SMS), web-based remote system control and e-mail notification of events. With enhanced services, you can receive video notification of system events. When adding cameras to your system, a picture or series of pictures can be sent to a PDA, cell phone or e-mail address upon an alarm or a pre-programmed event.

INTERCOM SYSTEMS - U.S. Security Systems specializes in the installation and servicing of both large and small intercom systems. We provide services in high rise buildings, small commercial shops and in your home.

TELEPHONE SYSTEMS - U.S. Security Systems specializes in the installation and servicing of digital telephone and voice mail systems.

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